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Washington’s refined art of torturing China may ignite a war

The arrogance of BBC News

Britain faces a long and bumpy road ahead

Coup leaders in Bolivia issue arrest warrant for Evo Morales

The Committee of Solidarity with the Latin American Peoples presented a lawsuit against the Bolivian coup plotters

Embassy protectors are being denied their right to a fair trial

Evo Morales on prohibiting the wearing of Indigenous garments in ministry HQ

Bolivia’s new US-backed interim gov’t wastes no time privatizing economy

Australian doctor condemns Britain’s denial of adequate medical care to Julian Assange

The art of doublespeak: Bellingcat and mind control

Fresh evidence that UN watchdog suppressed report casting doubt on Assad gas attack

Will Libya become Turkey’s next Syria?

MAS leaders sign Buenos Aires manifesto: “recovering democracy and power for the people”

The most enduring media cover-up

Shame on Western leaders for their ‘sanctions target the regime’ mendacity

Glenn Greenwald’s exclusive interview with Bolivia’s Evo Morales

UN renews agency helping Palestinian refugees in defiance of US

OPCW: Deluge of new leaks further shreds the establishment Syria narrative

Turkish military deployment to Libya edges closer after Erdogan meeting with GNA leader

Gaza 2020: how easy it is for the world to delete Palestinian pain

Libya Parliament Speaker: We Back Political Solution, but After Tripoli Liberation

Turkey, Greece, Libya: increased risk of military conflict

On Contact: violence in Central America with Oscar Martinez

Turkey’s Davutoglu unveils his breakaway Future party

White Helmets work with terrorists – Vanessa Beeley on the Taylor Report

Lima Group boycotts Venezuela at COP25 climate change summit

The Uyghur issue: how dare the US lecture China about the rights of Muslims?

Corbyn’s defeat has slain the left’s last illusion


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