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Two Interviews About Afghanistan

Patterson Deppen, America as a Base Nation Revisited

Prof. Seyed Mohammad Marandi – the Iranian road map in Afghanistan and Israel’s decline

Lowkey on Afghanistan: “Good Riddance to the War on Terror”

Ending US Aggression Against Cuba is Key to World Peace.

Once Again, the Vultures Circle Haiti

Latin American Socialists Unite with Axis of Resistance Against Western imperialism

After Forty Years of U.S. Destruction of Afghanistan, it’s Time for Reparations

Hard lesson for U.S. investors: Chinese companies don’t make the rules in China

‘Capitalism on a Ventilator’ − coming soon in Chinese

Assange: the most important press freedom case of the 21st century

Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says

The return of the Taliban 20 years later

As Kabul Is Retaken, Papers Look Back in Erasure

Steve Bannon Declares War On Lula

The US War to Destroy Huawei

John Pilger: A Day in the Death of British Justice

Blood in the Sand

Some follow-up points on the July 26 Cuba panel discussion

Creative Associates International (CAI): It’s Not Exactly the CIA, But Close Enough

Apocalypse or Cooperation?

The Crisis in Afghanistan Is Further Proof That the War on Terror Is an Utter Failure


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