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Hong Kong, Kashmir: a Tale of Two Occupations

Pellet blindings back as protestors challenge centre’s Kashmir move

Kashmir, Modi and the Temptations of a New Imperium

Sao Paulo Forum: Defending Venezuela is Defending Our America

Vijay Prashad: Kashmir article 370 scrapping shows BJP wants an authoritarian India

NPR Shreds Ethics Handbook to Normalize Regime Change in Venezuela

RussiaGate as an organised distraction

S-400 and Turkey: A Middle Eastern Perspective

Chris Williamson’s comments about secretive government-funded smears show why the establishment fears him

Food Shipment Destined For Venezuela Seized Due to US Blockade

Joining Forces: Russia and China are Fostering Military Cooperation

Venezuela Rejects US New Threats of Naval Blockade

It’s not just Trump who unleashed the fascist massacre in El Paso – It’s capitalism and imperialism as a system

In the World of Truth and Fact, Russiagate is Dead. In the World of the Political Establishment, it is Still the New 42

EU Opposes Recent US Total Blockade Against Venezuela

Bolton, Ross, Lima Group Seek to Put Venezuela in ‘Quarantine’

The US Sanctions are Affecting All Aspects of Human Life in Iran

China and The Conclusion of American Power

Faux humanitarian Irwin Cotler, the White Helmets and whitewashing an appalling agenda

“Fascism Will Not Go Away by Itself”: George Ciccariello-Maher on Confronting White Supremacy

Trump’s New Tariffs on China Help Pay for his Corporate Tax Cut

‘I watched the terrifying way in which we Judaize the land’: an eyewitness account of the Sur Baher home demolitions

What’s behind the end of the INF?

Is the Guardian Institutionally antisemitic?

“John Bolton tried to assassinate me”: Interview with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

US leniency on S-400 offers Turkey chance to repair economy

Germany will not join US-led Persian Gulf patrol force: Maas

The Iran nuclear controversy is a symptom of other problems

Venezuela: Disturbing Echoes of History

‘You don’t have any rights’: CBP agents interrogate US citizen and seize his phone after Venezuela solidarity trip


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