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European left slams EU support for Trump’s Venezuela ‘Transition’ Plan

Standing on the precipice of martial law

Why the mainstream media suggests lifting sanctions against Iran while not saying anything about Venezuela 

Anti-China hysteria is ultimately not about Covid-19, racism or communism, but power

Could COVID-19 reshape global leadership?

The UK Government is asking retired Windrush nurses to rejoin the NHS. Here’s how they feel

The impact of COVID-19 on the body politic

Call of the Indigenous Peoples, Afro-Descendants and Peoples’ Organizations of Latin America

The US should fight COVID-19, not Venezuela

Bolsonaro is leading Brazil to coronavirus catastrophe

Eurozone’s two biggest economies sink into historic recessions

Brazil’s ex-President Lula on Venezuela: Maduro is democratic, Guaidó should be in prison, US blockade kills civilians

Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration blasts US moves

Vietnam People’s Navy and balance of power in South China Sea

Crisis & Critique: US ramps up aggression amid pandemic

America: Money or your life?

Self-delusional US can only beat Covid-19 if it stops blaming China and faces up to its own pandemic mistakes

WHO chief calls doctors’ comments on Covid-19 vaccine racist

How China learned about SARS-CoV-2 in the weeks before the global pandemic

Ventilators destined for Barbados seized by U.S.

Coronavirus: Spain to become first country in Europe to roll out universal basic income

Chicago, IL: Occupation of bank-owned building turned into mutual aid hub

Another Amazonian Indigenous leader is murdered in Brazil

The Unexpected Reckoning: COVID-19 and Capitalism

Twitter unblocks Venezuela’s COVID19 response


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