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The following are two new reports by Ivan Katchanovski on the Snipers Massacre of FEb. 20, 2014 on Maidan Square in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. Katchanovski is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Ottawa. In February 2015 he published ‘The Snipers’ Massacre on the Maidan in Ukraine, revised and updated version‘. View here for other writings by him on the subject.

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А new video compilation showing moments or time intervals of killings of 45 protesters has been released on August 20

By Ivan Katchanovski, published on his Facebook page, August 21, 2015

Protesters take cover from sniper fire on Maidan Square, Feb 20, 2014

Protesters take cover from sniper fire on Maidan Square, Feb 20, 2014

А new video compilation showing moments or time intervals of killings of 45 protesters has been released on August 20: This compilation is in part based on previously undisclosed parts of a video and information, specifically by relatives of the victims and Maidan activists. The video compilation provides previously withheld crucial information, which combined with previously available information, provides new evidence that the protesters were killed from the Maidan-controlled locations and that the official investigation is falsified for this reason.

For instance, apparent positions of Anatolii Zhalovaha in this video seconds before a deadly gunshot at 9:43am and in a new photo immediately after his killing and whip-like sound of gunshots during his killing indicate that Zhalovaha was shot dead from a rifle from the Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina and not from an AKM by the Berkut from a barricade in front of him. An exit bullet hole in the back of his helmet and a testimony of another Maidan protester show that Zhalovaha was killed in the back, i.e., from this hotel. This witness also disclosed a finding of official investigation that Zhalovaha was shot from the same exact weapon as 10 other protesters were killed.…/batky-vidshukaly-zahybloho-syna…/. The Maidan trial previously revealed that Andrii Saienko and Maksym Shymko were killed from the same weapon from the Hotel Ukraina, at 9:08 and 9:07am, respectively. The video compilation confirms my analysis of the time and location of their killings. Crucial information about identities of other protesters killed by the same weapon is still undisclosed.

The video compilation includes previously withheld extracts from a highly publicised video, which was filmed by a Svoboda activist from the Hotel Ukraina. These crucial parts of the video show the moments of killings of Kemsky, Dziavulsky, Korneev, and Shcherbatiuk. The video also shows for the first time that Valerii Opanasiuk was killed at 9:28am in the same spot as these four protesters. The video compilation specifies a moment of killing of Baidovsky at 9:24am. The prosecution stated during the trial that Opanasiuk was shot in his chest and Baidovsky in his stomach. Positions of all these protesters at the moments when they were shot point towards “snipers” at the Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina. The video confirms finding of my study and testimonies by Maidan witnesses that these protesters were killed by “snipers” from this hotel and not by the Berkut policemen armed with Kalashnikovs.

In this previously unreported video, Serhii Trapezun says that he was wounded from the Hotel Ukraina or possibly two-story building on the left (Horodetskoho Street) when he along with a few other protesters tried to carry Oleh Ushnevych. My analysis shows that Ushnevych was shot at 9:43/9:44am beyond a wall, which completely shielded him, Trapezun, and several other protesters from the government positions. He said that Ushnevych was rumoured to be shot with a handgun from some 10 meter distance behind the bushes. The official investigation found that one of the protesters was killed from a handgun, but crucial information about his identity is not disclosed. The prosecution simply omitted killings of Ushnevych and eight other protesters.

In his interview during medical treatment in Israel, Trapezun said that he saw snipers shooting at the protesters from the hotel roof and from a hotel room. He is seen in a famous video of the massacre with his hand extended towards the hotel after he was wounded. The video compilation shows that several protesters were killed at the same spot and time when he was there. The Trapezun video interview was filmed in a court building after one of hearings concerning the Maidan massacre by a former Cossack company of the Maidan Self-Defence. Shymko was its member. This is another evidence that the prosecution, media, and the protesters know that the actual snipers were in the Hotel Ukraina and other Maidan-controlled locations.

A previously withheld part of the video shows that Roman Tochyn at the moment of his killing in the head, reportedly in a temple, at 9:47am was behind a tree shielding him from the Berkut. Maidan protesters said that Tochyn and Volodymyr Zherebnyi, who was killed within a meter from him at 9:44am, were shot by snipers from the hotel, and that two snipers in the hotel and Zhovtnevyi Palace were later caught by the protesters (1:50).

A previously edited out part of the Svoboda activist video shows that Yuri Parashchuk was positioned with his back towards Zhovtnevyi Palace/Kinopalats and the Hotel Ukraina when he was killed in the back of his head at 9:48am. The government investigation also determined that he was shot in the back of his head, but it charged the special Berkut police unit, which had the opposite position, with his killing.

The video compilation independently corroborates specific names and specific locations of killings of 42 protesters concerning whom I was able to identify such information in my study. In addition, it publicly identifies for the first time specific times and locations of killings of Heorhii Arutiunian, Oleksander Bratushko, and Bohdan Ilkiv. The video compilation identifies Oleksander Bratushko as the masked protester shot at 9:10am on stairways leading to Zhovtnevyi Palace. His position in the moment of his shooting when he was standing back to the advancing Berkut, his wound to the chest that was confirmed by the prosecution during the trial and can be seen in photos, indicate that this protester was shot from a direction of the Maidan-controlled area, possibly a nearby Ukroopsilka building located on Khreshchatyk. This would explain a seemingly irrational event when a Molotov cocktail was thrown by protesters into a large balcony of this building within seconds of his shooting.

The new video compilation generally corroborates the general time or time intervals of killings of specific protesters in my study. Existing differences generally do not exceed several seconds for specific times or a few minutes for time intervals of the killings. The Maidan trial shows that official investigation did not establish such specific time and locations of killings of about half of the 39 protesters with whose killings the Berkut was charged. But the video compilation also reveals, based on previously unreported information, much more precise times of killings of several protesters, such as Eduard Hrynevych and Anatolii Zhalovaha. The times of killings of these two protesters were estimated in my study based on time-stamped photos made after their killings and reported by their relatives and witnesses. Specifically, the time of the killing of Zhalovaha was previously derived from a photo by a Polish journalist. This journalist won a best photo award in Poland for this photo of Zhalovaha and Oleg Patskan, the above-mentioned witness:…/grand-press-photo-2014-i-nagroda-10-l…

The new revelations about the killing of Zhalovaha and other protesters will not be reported by the mainstream media in Ukraine and the West.


Falsification, cover-up and political exploitation of killings of the Maidan protesters from the Volyn Region during the Maidan Massacre

By Ivan Katchanovski, published on his Facebook page, Aug 23, 2015

Monument opened in Lutsk, Ukraine August 2015, dedicated to local people killed by sniper fire on Maidan Square Feb. 20, 2014 (Volyn News)

Monument opened in Lutsk, Ukraine August 2015, dedicated to local people killed by sniper fire on Maidan Square Feb. 20, 2014 (Volyn News)

A monument to Serhii Baidovsky, Eduard Hrynevych, Vasyl Mojsei and Ivan Tarasiuk, who were killed during the Maidan massacre on February 20, 2014, has been opened today in Lutsk [Volyn region] in the presence of the Lutsk mayor. The killings of these and other Maidan protesters continue to be falsified by the Ukrainian government and the media and exploited for propaganda purposes. The killings of all these Volyn protesters are attributed by the government investigation and the media to Berkut policemen, while evidence that they were shot dead by “snipers” from the Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina continues to be covered up.…/u-lutsku-vidkryly-pamiatnyk-vol…/

As I described previously, the new video compilation and other evidence indicate that Baidovsky was killed from the Hotel Ukraina at 9:24am. At the moment of his shooting he faced the Hotel Ukraina, and the prosecution stated during the trial that he was shot in his abdomen.

My analysis and this video compilation show that Ivan Tarasiuk was shot dead near a bridge between Zhovtnevyi Palace and the Hotel Ukraine at 9:18/9:19am. His reported entry wound in the neck and an exit wound in the chest point towards a shot from a steep upper direction, which matches the Hotel Ukraina. Two protesters said on February 20 in their interview to the 5 TV channel that they had witnessed a sniper killing protesters from the Hotel Ukraina, including one killed in the neck near Zhovtnevyi Palace. This description and location matches the killing of Tarasiuk. Their testimony was removed from the publicly available videos made by this Poroshenko-owned TV channel, but it is available in this little-known recording of the TV broadcast (1:29).

Vasyl Mojsei from the Volhynian company of the Maidan Self-Defense was shot dead at 9:17am in the nearby area, in which Bratushko and Kotsuba were killed 7 minutes before. A 2cm entry wound size in his chest was reported by another member of the Volyn company of the Maidan Self-Defence. This large entry wound size indicates an expansion or other large caliber bullets used in hunting. Whip-like sounds of several rifle shots are heard during the brief interval of his killing in a video filmed by an American. Mojsei’s apparent positions in the new photos in the video seconds before and after his killing is also consistent with shooters from the Hotel Ukraina. Photos show bullet impact traces or holes from the direction of the hotel in a metal pole, a tree, and Zhovtnevyi Palace near areas of their killings:…/599080617627…/6019662418890800626……/599080617627…/6019662350015775554…

Several witnesses and videos confirm that protesters around that time and at that area were killed from the hotel. For instance, a Maidan medic, who was there at that time, said in a 5th channel documentary that the protesters were killed there by several snipers from the roof of the Hotel Ukraina. He confirms that the protesters were shot by expanding bullets. (13:06)

The video compilation shows that Hrynevych was killed at 9:41am. His apparent position after the deadly gunshot and testimony of his mother during the trial that a bullet entered a left temple area of his head above an eye and exited in the back of the head point towards the Hotel Ukraina as most likely locations of his shooters. The video compilation and a new photo immediately after his killing show him positioned with his back towards the Berkut barricade and his face and his shield towards the hotel. The wound in the back of his head in this photo and a bullet hole in a similar lower part of his helmet in the 5th channel documentary (26:41) also indicate that he was killed from a steep angle position, such as the Hotel Ukraina and not from a nearly straight Berkut barricade position.

Seconds before his killing, a group of the protesters on another side of Instytutska were loudly shouting about shooters firing from the hotel (26:45-26:52 in the Svoboda activist 55minute-long video). The same video contains whip-like loud sounds of rifle shots when a protester behind Hrynevych was struck and wounded (26:55) and when three seconds later Hrynevych was killed. A second later, there is a sound and a smoke from a Kalashnikov shot by a Berkut policeman. Videos and timestamped twitter posts by Ukrainian and foreign journalists show that the Berkut policemen were shooting at the 13th/14th floor stairways shortly before 9:43am and the first and second floor stairways around the same time. Snipers were filmed and reported by Maidan protesters on these floors of the Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina. The group of the protesters, who were shouting about snipers at the hotel, would be massacred, specifically from this hotel starting at 9:43am. This group included Trapezun, Ushnevych, Varianytsia, Tochyn, and others.

“Unknown snipers”

By Ivan Katchanovski, published on his Facebook page, Aug 25, 2015

Newly released photos by a Maidan protester show two “snipers” on the roof of Zhovtnevyi Palace circa 10am during the Maidan massacre on Feb. 20, 2015. They were identified as such by the eyewitness who took the photos and by a Maidan stage announcer, based on reports by other Maidan witnesses.

The Maidan protesters at that time controlled Zhovtnevyi Palace. As videos and testimonies of protesters show, the Maidan self-defence specifically checked Zhovtnevyi Palace for any snipers minutes before and after these “snipers” appeared at the Palace, but reported that there were none. The official investigation denies that any snipers were there, even though many eyewitnesses among the protesters, several videos and bullet traces point towards them when protesters were massacred on Instytutska Street. Since they were in plain view of hundreds of protesters and dozens of journalists, it is almost certain that better quality photos and videos exist but they are not made public. (Story here in Ukrainian media:


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