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Hello reader,

Beginning August 1, 2017, New Cold will reduce, though not cease, the daily postings of news and analysis. Noteworthy articles directly related to Ukraine and its relations with Russia and the West will continue to appear. The weekly newsletter to website subscribers containing notice of the past week’s news and analysis will be replaced by occasional notifications of updates of the subject pages of the website. Any news of changes to publishing schedule will be sent to subscribers.

The valuable research features of New Cold will continue to be available and will be kept updated. These include the features ‘Books’, ‘Documents’, ‘Video’ and ‘Links’ which you will see along the top of the website home page. All the news and analysis contained in the ‘Categories’ listing on the website home page will remain available. But they will not have new information until and unless a re-launch of the website takes place.

The reason for the archiving of the website is the decline in volunteer participation in editing and publishing, including on social media. Three years after the website’s launch, the current editors and advisory editors have other writing and publishing interests to pursue in the same, broad subject area. A renewal and increase in publishing schedule is dependent on more volunteers joining the work of the website.

New Cold has always operated on volunteer labour. A paid-labour model for a website re-launch is one possibility, but that is not anticipated in the near future.

We trust that the website and its archived news and analysis will continue to be a valuable source of information as well as an example for other websites devoted to opposing the new cold war.

In solidarity,
Roger Annis
Editor-in-chief, The New Cold War: Ukraine and beyond
[email protected]


EDITOR’S NOTE: We remind our readers that publication of articles on our site does not mean that we agree with what is written. Our policy is to publish anything which we consider of interest, so as to assist our readers in forming their opinions. Sometimes we even publish articles with which we totally disagree, since we believe it is important for our readers to be informed on as wide a spectrum of views as possible.

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