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New Cold Information Bulletin, Vol 2 #72, May 12, 2017

Russian banks leaving Ukraine
, TASS, May 11, 2017

Background: Ukraine preparing sanctions against Russian banks,, March 15, 2017

Ukraine seeking Canada’s help to set up high-level corruption court, by Murray Brewster, CBC News, May 9, 2017

Ukrainians ‘just don’t have trust in the justice system,’ the country’s deputy Speaker says

[In this item, CBC News reports the release on bail of four former police officers accused of shooting protesters on Maidan Square in Kyiv on Feb 20, 2014. The shootings were a decisive act in the toppling of elected president Victor Yanukovych. What the CBC neglects to report is that the criminal prosecutions are going nowhere, while investigative reporting as well as academic research has proven that the shootings were acts of provocation by right-wing extremists. In other words, CBC turns surface facts – an apparent lack of evidence against accused police – into their opposite: a story of all-too predicable failings of Ukraine’s criminal justice system. In the same vein, Western news outlets have always presented the civil war launched in eastern Ukraine by the post-coup government in Kyiv as a war caused by “pro-Russian seperatists.” This is not news reporting; it is propaganda in the service of the political and military intervention of Western powers into Ukraine.]

Fresh criminal cases started in Russia against Ukraine military over Donbass shelling,, May 12, 2017

The Russian Investigative Committee has launched criminal cases against Ukrainian servicemen and officials responsible for indiscriminate use of artillery in the Donetsk Republic that resulted in civilian casualties.

A spokesperson for Russia’s Investigative Committee (the federal agency dealing with especially important and resonance crimes) told reporters on Friday that the criminal case had been started into the artillery raids that took place in the villages of Yakovlevka, Yasinovataya and Dokuchayevsk, as well as in the Petrovsk district of the city of Donetsk between May 1 and May 5, 2017.

“As a result of this shelling, one civilian was killed and four more, including a pregnant woman, were wounded. Criminal cases were started into the use of banned methods of warfare,” Svetlana Petrenko said in comments with Rossiiskaya Gazeta. She emphasized that the agency intended to prosecute not only the military servicemen who conducted the actual artillery raids, but also all officials who ordered them…

Three killed, ten wounded over the week in Donetsk republic by Kiev’s shelling, DAN News, May 12, 2017

Donbass and Russia pursue cultural and social integration, DAN News, May 12, 2017

August 2015: ‘Ukraine has turned a new page’, Chrystia Freeland, since then appointed foreign minister of Canada, spoke to a public forum in Toronto on Aug 11, 2015 (two minute video clip)

Minister Freeland said Ukraine is ‘turning the economic corner’, notwithstanding growing, “popular dissatisfaction” with its government and “painful” structural reforms to its economy. She spoke in favour of more appointments of foreigners to run Ukraine, including appointments of Ukrainian-Canadians as judges.

Pro-Nazi soldiers in German army raise alarm, by Melissa Eddy, New York Times, May 10, 2017

BERLIN — It started with an investigation into a suspected terrorist plot by an army soldier aimed at top government officials. But it quickly uncovered a larger problem.

Military police searching through barracks turned up Nazi-era military memorabilia that revealed a much broader presence of far-right extremists in the German Army’s ranks, something commanders are now accused of having long ignored…

German army investigates 275 suspected cases of right-wing extremism, Deutsche Welle, April 9, 2017

Most of the offenses under investigation relate to propaganda and racist commentary on the internet. Germany has increased resources for military intelligence to conduct investigations into suspected extremists.

Turkey-Syria-Middle East and Caucasus:
U.S. approves sale of $2 billion in missiles to United Arab Emirates
, AFP, Thursday, May 11, 2017

Berlin says not informed of German reporter’s detention in Turkey, by Turkish Minute, May 12, 2017

German officials said on Friday that Turkish authorities had failed to inform Berlin about the detention of Etkin News Agency (ETHA) reporter Mesale Tolu, who has been arrested and held in pre-trial detention since April 30. Speaking to reporters in Berlin on Friday, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schafer said no German diplomats had managed to gain access to her since her arrest on April 30…

South Korea urges ‘parallel’ talks and sanctions with North Korea
, by Ju-min Park and Christine Kim, in Seoul, Reuters, May 11, 2017

Philippines moves troops, supplies to disputed S. China Sea island claimed by Beijing,, May 11, 2017

Canada delays decision on expeditionary mission to Africa, citing political upheavals in key allied countries, story by Bruce Campion-Smith in Toronto Star, May 12, 2017

‘It has been more than one year since the Liberal government laid out a promise for a new Peace and Stability Operations Program to Africa – 600 troops, 150 police officers and $450 million over three years.’

Moody’s downgrades credit ratings for Canada’s Big Six banks, by Pete Evans, CBC News, May 11, 2017

Ratings agency cites debt level, high house prices as reason for concern

Home Capital investors are victims of Canadian real estate uncertainty [bubble], by Don Pittis, CBC News, May 11, 2017

If house prices continue to soar, subprime lender’s assets are worth every penny and more

Home Capital Group says its deposits continue to fall, The Canadian Press, May 10, 2017

Mortgage lender expected to have $134 million left in its high-interest savings accounts as of May 10

Home Capital Group [Canada’s largest sub-prime mortgage lender] disclosed Wednesday that deposits to its savings accounts continue to dwindle as it tries to restore investor confidence. The Toronto-based mortgage lender said it expected to have $134 million left in its high-interest savings accounts as of Wednesday, down just $12 million from the day before but a sharp decline from $1.4 billion just over two weeks ago…

Canada infrastructure bank won’t serve the public interest, column by Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star, May 11, 2017

The Trudeau cabinet, brimming with women and minorities, seems so 2017, so far removed from the traditional bastions of power. Amid all that fresh-faced diversity, it’s easy to overlook the pale face of finance minister Bill Morneau — a rich, white male from Bay Street, ensconced in the cabinet’s most powerful post…

Global warming and climate change:
U.S. ends Arctic Council chairmanship with reluctance on climate action
, by Yereth Rosen, Alaska Dispatch News, May 11, 2017

The road to Trump’s climate change hell has been paved by Obama and Clinton, interview with Gerald Horne and Robert Pollin, on The Real News Network, with host Paul Jay, May 8, 2017

How beekeepers help deadly parasites thrive, by Andrew Masterson, Cosmos Magazine, May 10, 2017

Modern beekeeping practices are contributing to commercial bee colony collapse. Andrew Masterson reports.

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