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New Cold Information Bulletin, Vol 2 #2, Jan 4, 2017

Turkey-Syria-Middle East and Caucasus:
Turkish leaders cry conspiracy as hunt for Reina attacker continues, by Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor, Jan 3, 2017

In a now familiar pattern, the Turkish authorities are denying any responsibility for the intelligence lapses linked to the stream of terror attacks that have shaken the country and whipping up fury against their opponents to deflect attention from Turkey’s ballooning other problems.

Turkish-Iranian rivalry may derail Syrian peace efforts, by  Zülfikar Dogan, Al-Monitor, Jan 3, 2017

Despite the Moscow Declaration of December 20 in which Russia, Turkey and Iran pledged joint efforts to end the war in Syria, the ongoing regional rivalry between Ankara and Tehran could lead to snags in the settlement process.

Turkish foreign minister calls on Iran to pressure Syrian government over its ‘truce violations’, Reuters, Jan 4, 2017  [A case of the pot calling the kettle black, as Turkey continues to attack Kurdish forces in northern Syria and as it steps up attacks on town of Al-Bab in revenge over unsolved, New Year Eve nightclub killings in Istanbul.]

Turkey brandishes Incirlik card to threaten U.S., by Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor, Jan 4, 2017

Pro-gov’t columnist: Revoking U.S. access to Incirlik was debated in Turkish Cabinet meeting, Turkish Minute, Jan 4, 2017

Report: U.S. likely to keep supporting Turkish troops near Al-Bab, Syria, Reuters, Jan 4, 2017

One of the 12 HDP deputies in prison released, Turkish Minute, Jan 4, 2017

United States:
Exxon’s Rex Tillerson ges $180 million retirement package, Chicago Tribune, Jan 4, 2016

What Is the Fate of the First Amendment in the Digital Age?, by Jameel Jaffer, The Nation, Jan 4, 2017

Freedoms of speech and of the press are some of the first victims of today’s surveillance regime. They are also some of the best defenses against it.

Forecast for world economy in 2017: Optimism reigns, by Michael Roberts, Jan 4, 2017

Global stock markets ended 2016 near record highs and have started 2017 in a similar vein. Optimism about global economic growth, employment and incomes has bounced…

Assassinations of left-wing activists threaten Colombia peace deal, The Washington Post, Jan 4, 2017

Philadelphia Inquirer deputy editor says he knows Russia hacked U.S. election ‘because President Obama and the intelligence organizations say so’, interview on FOX News ‘Tucker Carlson Show’, Jan 2, 2017

Global warming:
It’s time to heed warnings about humanity’s collision course, by David Suzuki, published on, Jan 4, 2017

Low-income families join solar revolution with help of California NGO, by Kim Brunhuber, CBC News, Jan 02, 2017

As the wealthy leave the electrical grid, there’s a risk the poor will be left paying the bill

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