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New Cold Information Bulletin, Vol 2 #17, Feb 1, 2017


Housing in Donetsk damaged by Ukrainian shelling January 2017 (Igor Maslov, RIA Novosti)

Russian Foreign Ministry statement on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, published with weblink and background news on New Cold, Jan 31, 2017



Turkey-Syria-Middle East and Caucasus:
Does Syria really want to reconcile with Kurds?, by Fehim Tastekin, Al-Monitor, Jan 30, 2017  (report from Qamishli, northern Syria)

A new coalition of armed opposition is created in Syria, driving a deep wage between some jihadists, published on Inside Syria Media Center, Jan 29, 2017

Turkey arrests two more pro-Kurdish MPs ahead of referendum, Press TV, Jan 31, 2017

… The latest detentions increased the number of HDP legislators taken captive on terror charges to 12, including the party’s co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag.

Turkish court accepts indictments seeking long jail terms for HDP co-chairs, Turkish Minute, Jan 31, 2017

Turkey’s tourism revenues drop by 29.7 per cent in 2016, Turkish Minute, Jan 31, 2017

Syrian government reportedly disagrees with Russia on Kurdish autonomy, ARA News, Jan 31, 2017

Trump’s Middle East fans get caught up in global blowback, by Julian Pecquet, Al-Monitor, Jan 31, 2017

Middle East leaders who just days ago were cheering the inauguration of someone who appeared to share their worldview are getting rattled by the worldwide blowback against Donald Trump’s hard-edged policies.

Trump administration sends armored SUVs to Kurdish-Arab forces in northern Syria,, Jan 31, 2017

‘Previously, we didn’t get support in this form, we would get light weapons and ammunition’

United States:
Coast-to-coast protest wave challenges Donald Trump… and Democrats
, by Daniel Dale, Toronto Star, Jan 31, 2017

For the first time since the Vietnam era, it appears that spontaneous public protest may become a regular feature of American life.

White House spokesman uses Quebec mosque shooting by white racist to justify U.S. travel ban against Muslims, report by Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, Jan 30, 2017

Trump’s travel ban sees members of Syria ‘White Helmets’ barred from Oscars,, Jan 30, 2017

After the stroke of Trump’s pen barring entries to the U.S., a dramatic 34 hours in Boston, by Nestor Ramos and Andrew Ryan, Boston Globe staff, Jan 30, 2017

Was Quebec City mosque shooting an act of terror?
, CTV News, Jan 31, 2017

[Justin Trudeau, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Quebec Provincial Police say the Jan 29, 2017 mass killing in Quebec City was “an act of terrorism”.]

… Phil Gurski, a former strategy analyst and terrorism expert for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, says, “Right now we know it as a mass shooting. It’s not an act of terrorism until we determine what the motivation is.”

… Former national security analyst Stephanie Carvin told CTV News on Tuesday that in the past it’s been “very hard” to lay terrorism charges against “right-wing extremists.”

“Unlike the Islamic State … right-wing extremists don’t have a coherent ideology. It’s a very fragmented movement, so it’s very hard to pinpoint exactly an ideological motivation,” she said.

Carvin believes politicians have “rightfully” called the mosque shooting a terrorist attack. “I think that brings some solace to the community. But from a legal perspective, the Criminal Code … makes it very clear that in order to bring terrorism charges, you have to have committed an act in the name of an ideology, political movement or religion in order to intimidate the population.”

Canada’s Boeing fighter aircraft purchase could have $5B to $7B price tag, by Murray Brewster, CBC News, Jan 31, 2017

[How effective are critics of Canada’s foreign policy, blinded as are many by anti-Russia prejudice? The Canadian government plans to spend billions of dollars on Boeing fighter jet aircraft, but Canadians won’t learn the price tag until the deal is signed and delivered. This is another example of the carte blanche enjoyed by Canadian foreign policy makers and practitioners.]

Canadian security forces have been entrapping Muslim youth while real threat is white racists, by Ehab Lotayef, published in, Jan 31, 2017

‘… For years, Canadian security forces have been busy entrapping Muslim youth, following faint tracks and turning them into full-fledged criminal cases to please their political masters, over the 10 dark Harper years, that they did not pay attention to protecting the real vulnerable segment of society.’

Florian Philippot, the advisor who could make Marine Le Pen president of France, by Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian, Jan 31, 2017

‘War on the poor’: Amnesty International slams Duterte’s anti-drug campaign as ‘crime against humanity’,, Jan 31, 2017

When gangs killed gay men for sport: Australia reviews 88 deaths, by Michelle Innis, New York Times, Jan 30, 2017

… During the 1980s and 1990s, the Australian authorities now say, gangs of teenagers in Sydney hunted gay men for sport, sometimes forcing them off the cliffs to their deaths. But the police, many of whom had a reputation for hostility toward gay men, often carried out perfunctory investigations that overlooked the possibility of homicide, former officials and police officers say.

Global warming:
Canada ready for climate disruption? One week after ice storm, 14,000 homes in northern New Brunswick still without power
, latest news on CBC News, Jan 31, 2017

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