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New Cold Information Bulletin, Vol 1 #3, Nov 24, 2016

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The editors, The New Cold War: Ukraine and beyond (New Cold

Australia just signed a uranium deal with a nation at war with Russia
, by Dave Sweeney, published on New Matilda, Nov 24, 2016

We’re going to be sending uranium to the Ukraine. What could possibly go wrong, writes Dave Sweeney?

NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg wants European Union to spend more on military in order to please President-elect Donald Trump

NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg wants European Union to spend more on military in order to please President-elect Donald Trump

NATO chief tells EU to spend more on military spend more to secure Trump’s support, by Patrick Wintour, diplomatic editor, The Guardian, Nov 23, 2016

Jens Stoltenberg urges European countries to follow UK’s example by spending at least 2% of GDP on defence [sic] after meeting UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May.

With Trump casting doubt on the value of NATO during the presidential election campaign, the secretary general of the transatlantic defence organisation, Jens Stoltenberg, called on countries to hand over more cash to secure the “transatlantic bond”…

Britain is one of just four European members of NATO to hit the agreed NATO spending target. The others are Poland, Estonia and Greece…

May said after the talks: “I think as we look in the face of Russian aggression, of course here in the UK we are committed to our 2% of GDP being spent on defence, we are contributing troops to defence of eastern Europe with the Nato operations and our commitment is significant in all of these issues and we’ve agreed to maintain our nuclear deterrent.”

Background: EU scales back plans for military HQ as it unveils crisis response blueprint, by Jenifer Rankin, The Guardian, Nov 14, 2016

EU ministers promised to “strengthen the relevance” of the EU’s rapid-reaction forces, known as battlegroups. The EU has been able to send rapid-reaction forces of 1,500 soldiers abroad to stabilise crises since 2007, but has never done so…

The EU currently runs 17 military and civilian missions, including the British-led naval force protecting ships from Somali pirates, run from Northwood in north-west London, to the multinational team of experts training Ukraine’s police force and judiciary…

Turkey-Syria-Middle East and Caucasus:
Syrian warplanes kill Turkish soldiers fighting in Syria
, by Alissa Rubin and Karam Shoumalinov, New York Times, Nov 23, 2016

Turkish soldiers were killed on Thursday by Syrian warplanes while fighting inside Syria for the first time since the civil war there began in 2011, the Turkish military announced. Three soldiers were killed and 10 others wounded, the military said. The troops were advancing toward Al Bab, a city in the north held by the Islamic State, close to the border with Turkey…

On Thursday morning, Turkish troops, backed by Syrian Arab fighters, had almost reached Al Bab, according to rebel commanders. They said they were a little more than half a mile from the city when they were hit by the government jets…

Turkey to retaliate after suspected Syrian air strike kills soldiers, by Tulay Karadeniz and Ece Toksabay, Reuters, Nov 23, 2016

Turkey said it would retaliate after three of its soldiers were killed in what the military said was a suspected Syrian air strike, the first such deaths at the hands of Syrian government forces since Ankara launched a cross-border incursion in August. The attack occurred at around 3:30 am on Thursday during a Turkish-backed Syrian rebel operation in northern Syria, the Turkish military said in a statement…

It said 10 other soldiers were wounded in the air strike that it “assessed to have been carried out by Syrian regime forces”. It gave no details on the exact location.

Iraq told civilians to stay in Mosul. Now they’re paying with their lives, by Tim Arango, New York Times, Nov 24, 2016

… The battle for Mosul, which started six weeks ago, aims to evict the Islamic State from its last major stronghold in Iraq. But civilians are paying a growing price, with more and more dead flowing out of the dense, urban combat zones each day.

The carnage, along with significant military casualties, has prompted some military officials to second-guess their initial strategy, which asked residents to stay in their homes and rise up against the Islamic State. There has been no uprising, and civilians are dying at home, all of which is fueling concern that the campaign could become a quagmire.

The Iraqi authorities are also considering greater firepower. But introducing new weapons that may be more effective against Islamic State fighters, like artillery and tanks, also risks putting civilians in even greater danger…

United States:
‘Voting system prone to mistakes & malfeasance’, says Jill Stein in demanding recounts in three states
, interview with U.S. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, on, Nov 23, 2016 (nine minute video interview)

Greens question Trump’s victory, by Joe Lauria, Consortium News, Nov 24, 2016

The Green Party is demanding a recount of votes in three key states that could potentially affect the outcome of the election that saw Donald Trump chosen as president. The party was able to raise $2.5 million needed to at least pay for the recount in Wisconsin in less than 12 hours from the time the Greens’ intentions were reported by the media on Wednesday…

Is there some collusion between the Democratic Party and the Greens? Are they a Trojan horse for Clinton who can stay above the fray while getting the recount that some of her supporters have called for? Have wealthy Clinton donors been behind the flood of cash into the effort in so short a time? Or are the Greens sincere in wanting voting irregularities exposed?

One theory is that the recount will expose cheating by both the Republicans and Democrats – and thus reflect badly on the two-party system which has marginalized the Greens and other third parties…

Jill Stein raises over $3m to request US election recounts in battleground states, by Jon Swaine, The Guardian, Nov 24, 2016

[Note, The Guardian article spins Jill Stein’s concerns about ballot counting into a long story of “Russian” hacking of the U.S. election results. Stein and her party make no such blatant interpretation. In a Nov 23, 2016 interview with, Stein explains that her party is demanding recounts in three states because the party is committed to defending democratic rights in an era where these are under serious attack. She describes actions such as the demand for vote recounts as “monkey wrenches thrown into the wheels of destruction”.

Interview with U.S. broadcaster Cenk Uygur on the outcome of the U.S. election, on’s ‘Politicking’ program with host Larry King, Nov 17, 2016

The Democratic Party hopes to re-energize its populist wing by naming Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to top roles. Is this the key to blocking Donald Trump’s policies and winning in 2020? Larry King speaks with Cenk Uygur, co-host of The Young Turks news broadcast. [On Nov 3, Uygur delivered an editorial on his program arguing for a vote for Hillary Clinton.]

Global warming:
Trump climate change adviser tells Canada’s CBC that climate scientists are divided on global warming, then sends phony sources to back claim, by Karl Nerenberg,, Nov 24, 2016


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