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New Cold Information Bulletin, Vol 1 #12, Dec 7, 2016

‘Corrupt’ Ukraine remains under oligarch influence, reform results ‘fragile’ – EU auditors
,, Dec 7, 2016

Poroshenko fuels war & corruption with IMF money’ – fugitive Ukrainian MP speaks to RT,, Dec 6, 2016

Trudeau cabinet expected to debate renewed military mission in Ukraine, by Murray Brewster, CBC News, Dec 6, 2016   [The CBC reporter, formerly of Canadian Press, dutifully follows the CBC editorial script in his use of the terms “volunteer battalions” and “self defense forces” to describe the extreme-right paramilitary battalions in Ukraine. These have been integrated into the Ukrainian National Guard while retaining autonomous functioning and are being trained in “advanced combat courses” by the Canadian (and U.S. and UK) military missions on the ground in Ukraine.]

United States:
An ‘abomination’ of justice: Mistrial declared over police shooting of Walter Scott, by Lauren McCauley, staff writer, Common Dreams, Dec 6, 2016

‘Naked Capitalism’ site smeared as ‘Russian propaganda’ demands Washington Post retraction, by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer, Common Dreams, Dec 6, 2016

Group sues to demand Florida election recount, Miami New Times, Dec 5, 2016

Who owns the Republican Party? Review of ‘Dark Money’, reviewed by Theda Skocpol, published in Dissent, Feb 3, 2016  Reviewing: Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, by Jane Mayer, Doubleday, 2016, 449 pp. ‘Dark Money by investigative journalist Jane Mayer appears just as America heads toward yet another high-stakes, ideologically polarized election…’

World:'s Lizzie Phelan reporting from the Old City in Aleppo, liberated by Syrian Army on Dec 7, 2016’s Lizzie Phelan reporting from the Old City in Aleppo, liberated by Syrian Army on Dec 7, 2016

Syrian Army retakes 70% of E. Aleppo, evacuates over 1,200 civilians, eyewitness report, with video, by Lizzie Phelan of, Dec 7, 2016

Trump Taiwan Phone Call Not an Impulsive Act, interview with Professor Ho-Fung Hung, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, broadcast on The Real News Network, Dec 7, 2016

Cuba after Fidel, interview with Professor John Kirk, published on CounterPunch, Dec 7, 2016

Haiti: Video interview with attorney Brian Concannon of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, The Real News Network, Dec 7, 2016

‘Lock-her-up’ rally in Edmonton, Alberta a Trumpian event, by Thomas Walkom, columnist, Toronto, Star, Dec 7, 2016

Conservative leaders in Canada duck and cover in wake of disgraceful anti-carbon tax rally, by David J. Climenhaga,, Dec 6, 2016

National Front party formed in Quebec, CJAD Radio, Oct 28, 2016

U.S. planned to go to war with Japan and Germany before Pearl Harbor attack, interview with historian Peter Kuznick on The Real News Network, Dec 7, 2016
On the 75th anniversary, historian Peter Kuznick worries the Trump administration likely won’t wait for a ‘New Pearl Harbor’ to pursue war with Iran,

Brawls, arrests as 3,000 far-right protesters stage torch-lit march in Helsinki (with video),, Dec 7, 2016

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