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New Cold Information Bulletin, Vol 1 #10, Dec 5 2016

600,000 could face severe water crisis in eastern Ukraine, Press TV, Dec 2, 2016

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has warned that about 600,000 impoverished people in eastern Ukraine could face a severe water and power crisis this winter following a move by Kiev to cut off supplies…

Canadian mercenary of Kiev special task forces killed as Ukraine attacks DPR positions, DAN News, Dec 5, 2016

Kiev forces violate ceasefire 1,342 times over 24 hours – Donetsk People’s Republic Command, DAN News, Dec 5, 2016

Turkey-Syria-Middle East and Caucasus:
Russia, China veto UNSC resolution on Aleppo ceasefire, TASS, Dec 5, 2016

UN Security Council should vote on Aleppo after U.S.-Russian talks, says Russia’s UN envoy, TASS, Dec 5, 2016

Russian Foreign Ministry: Calls to stop operation in Aleppo look like attempt to shelter terrorists, TASS, Dec 5, 2016

U.S. and UK explore possibility of aid airdrops in Syria, by Julian Borger , The Guardian, Dec 4, 2016

Kurdish town of Sirnak in eastern Turkey now nothing but rubble, by Mahmut Bozarslan, Al-Monitor, Dec 2, 2016

Turkish court rejects request for release of HDP leader Selahattin Demirtaş from detention, Turkish Minute, Dec 5, 2016

A court in Diyarbakır, eastern Turkey, on Monday rejected a request for the release of Selahattin Demirtaş, jailed co-chairperson of the Peoples’ Democratic Party. The Diyarbakır 2nd Penal Court of Peace ruled that Demirtaş should remain behind bars after it reviewed a petition from his lawyers asking for the HDP co-chair’s release.

Demirtaş, who was arrested in early November along with nine other HDP deputies, is incarcerated in Edirne Prison. The arrested HDP deputies, including the party’s other co-chairperson Figen Yüksekdağ, were arrested on the grounds that they refused to testify in court about allegations of terrorism.

United States:
Trump’s cabinet could be wealthiest administration in U.S. history, by Barrie McKenna, The Globe and Mail, Dec 2, 2016

WASHINGTON — It is perhaps unsurprising that Donald Trump – No. 156 on the Forbes list of the world’s richest – would populate his administration with people just like himself. But with the U.S. president-elect now roughly halfway through the process of filling top cabinet posts, it’s apparent something historic is afoot. Mr. Trump has already picked three fellow billionaires and several multimillionaires. They will make the Trump administration the richest in modern U.S. history, if not ever.

Trump vs. America’s labor unions, by David Macaray, CounterPunch, Dec 5, 2016

Iraq was probably a “mistake,” said Gen. James Mattis, Trump’s defense pick, by Mattathias Schwartz, The Intercept, Dec 5, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense called the 2003 invasion of Iraq a “mistake,” according to a recording obtained by The Intercept. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Mattis said, “we will probably look back on the invasion of Iraq as a mistake — as a strategic mistake”…

Greece must reform or leave eurozone, says German minister, by Helena Smith, The Guardian, Dec 4, 2016

Corbyn: Far-right are ‘parasites feeding on people’s concerns’, by Jamie Grierson, The Guardian, Dec 3, 2016

Speaking at Party of European Socialists Council conference in Prague, Labour Party leader says progressive parties need to break away from establishment to prevent populists filling political void.

Canada defies UN prison guidelines, practices torture in its prisons in the form of solitary confinement, feature article in Maclean’s Magazine, by Martin Patriquin, Nov 14, 2016 (original title: ‘1,560 Days’)

Right-wing anti-tax rally in Edmonton chants ‘lock her up’ (Alberta premier Rachel Notley) as Conservative Party leadership hopefuls smile on, by Nicole Thompson, Canadian Press, in  National Observer, Dec 4, 2016

Edmonton protesters chant ‘Lock her up’ about Premier Rachel Notley at an anti-carbon tax rally, by David J. Climenhaga,, Dec 5, 2016

[See a seperate posting on New Cold of John Pilger’s new documentary film ‘The Coming War on China’.]

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