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May 16, 2015

Please read and share our appeal!

Lviv Opera Theater has received 35 military draft summons from the Ukraine Armed Forces. A majority of those summons are for our artists. Among those summoned are orchestra players, choir members, leading soloists of opera and ballet, Honored Artists and even one People’s Artist of Ukraine!

Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theatre

We, the artists of the theater, have hard time understanding such a wholesale ( at least for our theatre) rounding-up of highly qualified professionals.

We want to stress that such rampant mobilization will force the theater to withdraw certain performances from the repertory, and quite possibly – to shut down the theater entirely!

We would love to explain to the bureaucrats responsible for these actions that the preparation of highly qualified orchestra players, opera soloists, ballet dancers etc. can take between 12 and 16 years of study plus many years of work experience performing on stage.

Just one example – our ballet troupe received 4 draft summons for the leading soloists – out of total of our seven leading dancers. Among those drafted one is People’s Artist; in the entire Ukraine one can find hardly two dozens of artists of such a high level!

We would like to remind that no martial law has been declared in the country. The impression we get is that some bureaucrats are hell-bent on destroying the best artistic traditions of Ukraine. It would be interesting to know how many children of Parliament members or of bureaucrats have been drafted so far?

Is it that our leaders are only capable of sending artists to fight at the frontlines or robbing the population through raising the utilities’ tariffs to the level detrimental to majority of regular people?


We very much hope that our appeal will be read by thinking people.

The artists of the theater

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