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An open letter from the parents of the Donetsk Region
Save Donbass, photo Graham Phillips

Save Donbass, photo Graham Phillips

We, the parents of Donetsk region, appeal to you, politicians, public figures, people who care. Help save the people of Sloviansk, Krasny Liman, Kramatorsk – stop the Ukrainian military operations. We need your help in bringing home the truth about what is happening in these cities.

For many weeks, people have lived under relentless artillery fire. Civilians, including young children, are being killed every day now. Houses, hospitals, kindergartens and schools are being destroyed. People, including children, live in a permanent state of stress, hiding for many hours from almost-never-stopping attacks in basements.

Running water stopped on June 6th. Dozens of thousands of people have no access to drinking water. Sewers do not function properly.

In many areas of the city there is no electricity supply. High-voltage cables and tower have been damaged, employees of the electricity network evacuated. Due to the nature of damage, restoring the power supply during military actions is impossible.

Medicine and food have become scarce. With the outbreak of military actions supplies of food and medicine to the city have been irregular, and over the past few days, due to bombing, food supply has completely stopped.

Senior citizens, civil servants, allowance recipients have lost their income. From May 19th, the city completely stopped payments of pensions and social benefits. The residents who left their homes do not receive their pensions or payments either.

The residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk who left have no status. By law, they are no different from people who have abandoned their homes for no apparent reason. To date, they do not even receive their pensions and social benefits guaranteed by the law.

The population of Sloviansk before the war was over 110,000 people. To date, more than half of the population have been evacuated. Dozens of thousands of people continue living in the city are unable to leave. Queues at the exit from the city take days. Opportunities to leave the city are very limited. At the current pace the evacuation of the remaining residents could take months.

We ask for your help in saving the lives of these people and stopping the Ukrainian military actions.


Donetsk Region Parents Community ‘Kroha’ (founded in 2007)

* * *

This was Slavyansk on June 29th, a further five civilians were killed that day.–GP


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