In Gaza, Genocide in Palestine

This was an unforgiveable act of terror

By Council Estate Media, originally published on Substack.

A ball of fire and smoke rises during Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, October 9, 2023. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90)

Is there anything more racist than killing 274 civilians in order to rescue four of your own? That’s an admission the value you place on the lives of those civilians is less than 1/60th of what you place on your own. You’re saying those lives mean nothing and you can take them as a matter of convenience.

Israel rescued four hostages from the Nova festival who were being kept in two apartments in Nuseirat refugee camp. Israel reportedly launched its rescue mission from the temporary pier that was not supposed to be used for military purposes (although this claim is now disputed by the US and Israel).

Israeli troops travelled to the site in an aid truck and when desperate civilians inevitably came to collect the humanitarian aid, the troops opened fire. They indiscriminately gunned people down and blew them up with explosives, including many women and children. The death toll is currently 274 and could well rise further. You can imagine how many were injured.

Israeli troops claimed they came under fire from Hamas, but in that case, you don’t fire into a civilian crowd, you get the hell out of there. Crowded areas are not acceptable battlegrounds. If Hamas’ gunfire was so deadly, how did Israeli troops manage to get those hostages out unscathed? Clearly, the overwhelming majority of deaths were caused by the IDF who survivors claim started shelling to clear the area. They made it through because they weren’t in the firing line, the hungry people waiting for food were. You can imagine the glee when the IDF were told they were free to open fire. They treated those human beings with all the compassion of a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass.

Imagine the reaction of our leaders if Hamas killed 274 Israelis to rescue four hostages from an Israeli prison. They’d be calling it a brutal and unforgivable terrorist attack and that’s exactly what this “rescue” was. Israel assumed the western world would give them a free pass, but the EU’s top diplomat has actually condemned the “bloodbath”. It seems everyone has finally had enough of Israel’s shit. Took them long enough.

The Turkish foreign ministry said of the rescue:

“With this latest barbaric attack, Israel has added a new one to the list of war crimes it has committed in Gaza.”

Saul Takahashi, former deputy head of the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Occupied Palestine, said:

“The claim that the Israeli attack on Nuseirat camp was justified is completely ignorant of international law. Israel has shown time and time again that it does not care about international and humanitarian laws.

And AIPAC’s US spokesperson, President Joe Biden, celebrated the massacre, saying: “We won’t stop!” Israelis were jubilant at the news of the rescue, and given the way they’ve celebrated previous massacres, I doubt they were ignorant to the death toll. I’m guessing for many that was actually the key cause for celebration.

It’s great that hostages are free, but here’s the thing: if my life were in danger and the only way to save me was to kill civilians, including children and a baby, I would rather not be saved. I would not expect so many people to give their lives for mine, and it clearly was not necessary to kill so many – those hostages gave the IDF their excuse for another massacre.

If I knew that so many people had died to save my life, I would not be able to live with the guilt. I would not want anyone committing war crimes in my name. My life is not worth more than a Palestinian life.

One of the freed Israelis was filmed looking the picture of health after months being held in captivity by Hamas. He seemed fit and strong and happy. Compare him to the shells of humans that are released from places like Sde Teiman concentration camp, looking like people who’ve reappeared after a spell in room 101.

One of the hostages, Noa Argamani, spoke of facing imminent death four times during her captivity, including one time when a missile struck a building she was in. In other words, her own side almost killed her. It leaves you to wonder how many hostages Israel has killed with its totally sincere rescue plans.

Israel says 130 hostages remain in Gaza, and at this death ratio, we’d be looking at another 16,500 civilians killed in rescue attempts alone. This has to stop. Not only will negotiation save Palestinian lives, it will save Israeli lives too. If you’re a hostage, it’s much better to be safely delivered to your people than to be rescued in a battle with bullets and rockets flying all around. Only a lunatic would think the Israeli approach is good for those hostages.

But that’s the thing, we, who believe in negotiation, are the ones who truly give a shit about those hostages. If your approach to releasing the hostages is more fighting, you’re not interested in rescuing Israelis, you’re interested in killing Palestinians. All hostages deserve to be safely home with their families and that means the hostages on both sides.

Agree to a ceasefire now. Bring the hostages home.

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