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Interview with Professor Stephen Cohen on the John Batchelor radio program, March 10, 2015

Professor Stephen Cohen speaking in Brussels on March 2, 2015

Professor Stephen Cohen speaking in Brussels on March 2, 2015

Will diplomacy prevail in Ukraine? The Nation’s Stephen Cohen joined The John Batchelor Show on March 10 to discuss the feasibility of the Minsk II agreement and the increased war footing among NATO officials and policymakers in Washington. Cohen argued that the “rhetorical war” on Minsk II is based on “political ideological imaginations,” because there is no “hard intelligence to back up the claims that there’s been this massive Russian invasion.”

If Minsk II fails and fighting escalates, the United States and NATO face “a real chance of war with Russia,” Cohen said.

Listen to the interview (40 minutes) here.

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Stephen Cohen is professor emeritus at Princeton University and New York University. He is a contributing editor to The Nation magazine, founded in 1865. He a co-founder of the newly created ‘American Committee for East-West Accord’. The committee recently held a roundtable public forum in Brussels on March 2 titled, ‘Finding a New Security Architecture That Brings Russia in from the Cold’. The forum featured Gilbert Doctorow, moderator, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Cohen and Katrina Vanden Heuvel. The presentations by the three speakers was followed by discussion with the audience. You can watch and listen to that forum here on New Cold


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