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By Tony De Burghe,

Published on NewColdWar, Oct 22, 2022:

In this opinion piece by Tony deBurghe he examines and responds to the colonialist “Garden-Jungle” metaphors used by Josep Borrell, the EU’s chief of foreign policy, in a speech he gave at last week’s European Diplomatic Academy in Bruges, Belgium.

In his opening remarks Mr Borrell makes a statement that Europe is a garden and the rest of the world is a jungle. Let’s have a look at that. He says everything works, and Europe is a combination of economic prosperity, political freedom and social cohesion. Looking closely at each of these claims we can see that Mr Borrell either lives a cloistered life insulated from the real world or he is a fantasist.

1) Economic Prosperity

Europe and particularly the European Union (EU) have been in economic decline for more than two decades, with falling exports, minimal growth, increasing poverty, and a level of regulation that strangles innovation. Its latest foray into geopolitics has risked the overall prosperity of the world, whilst crashing the European economy. Germany, the economic powerhouse of the EU, and its largest financial contributor, is into negative growth and faces de-industrialisation directly as a result of EU policies.

2) Political Freedom

Mr Borrell represents the ultimate authoritarian rule in Europe. Member States who disagree with the central policies of the unelected cabal that runs the EU are hit with financial penalties and are forced to ignore the needs of their sovereign countries in order to meet the dictates of Mr Borrell and his kind. Alternative views to the EU agenda are blocked, outlawed and vilified.  Those who step out of line and report news contrary to the EU agenda face imprisonment and huge fines.

3) Social Cohesion

Mr Borrell ignores the fact that the EU is a producer of social instability as it treads with heavy boots across the needs of individual states, attempts to smother regional traditions, but far, far worse inflicts financial pain on the poorest people of Europe. Can Mr Borrell explain, honestly, why tens of thousand of people across Europe are out on the streets protesting about the policies of the EU?

Mr Borrell preaches that the EU must engage with the rest of the world (the jungle as he puts it) in order to inflict its views on that jungle. He claims that the EU is privileged but does he mean that they are entitled to enforce their view on others?  Let me quote him in full on this;

The rest of the world is not really a garden. Most of the rest of the world is a jungle. And the jungle can invade the garden. We need to be much more involved in the situation in the rest of the world. We are privileged people, we have created a combination of these three things (political freedom, economic perspective and social cohesion)

What Mr Borrell fails to mention is that his garden has lived at the expense of ‘the jungle’ and that the immigrants from the ‘jungle’ move to his garden because during the colonial period Europe stripped them bare of resources and assets. In the post-colonial period Mr Borrell and his kind continue to exploit and intervene in these countries leaving poverty and instability in their wake. He then warns against the victims of these atrocities created by NATO and the EU wanting to survive by entering the EU. What right does he and the EU have, for instance, to interfere with Uganda’s economic development? What right does Mr Borrell or the EU have to insists that their rules and only their rules are legitimate in this world? This is especially true when we see with what ease the EU throws aside its own mantra of democracy, freedom of speech and equality as it embraces the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

But now I come to one of the crunch points of his speech. He says that as a diplomat he has to tell the truth, but not the whole truth. In fact, anyone who has watched any of his public speeches in the past eight months knows that he is far more likely to lie than tell the truth.  He and his confreres promised the members of the EU that if they provided weapons to Ukraine they would be reimbursed in full by the EU. It was a lie, and he knew it. The EU did not have sufficient funds to cover the hundreds of millions of Euros worth of weapons that poured into Ukraine from its Member States.

Mr Borrell treads very likely on the subject of geopolitics. First let us look at the reason he is standing there making his speech. It is because the EU has used European taxpayers money to create a new college of Diplomacy. Why? Because Mr Borrell does not trust the diplomats supplied by the Member States and wants to dispense with them and fully staff the EU diplomatic service with people unquestionably loyal to EU ideas and values, and who are unlikely to warn Member States of policies that are detrimental to their interests.  Second, let us examine all the other attempts of the EU at geopolitics – the cases of Ukraine, Kosovo, Albania, Armenia are hardly a string of success stories. In fact, the EU has been one of the causative effects of every major outbreak of violence in Europe since 1991. Mr Borrell talks of the rules-based international order. But what does that mean? What rules? Who wrote them?  He cannot mean the UN Charter or International Law because he has flouted both throughout his term of office. He gives a perfect example of this in his railing against those nations that abstained from voting against Russia in the recent UN General Assembly meeting, failing to recognise that they account for more than half of the world’s population. He cannot understand that the world in general is sick of this idea in the West that they alone know what is best for the world. He caps all of this by stating that Russia is a nuclear threat to the world – an outright lie. He also makes it clear that the EU wants to promote regime change in Russia – in contravention of the UN Charter and International Law.

Mr Borrell states that world hunger and world energy shortages are all the fault of Russia, despite ample evidence that both crises were growing well before Russia started its Special Military Operation in Ukraine. He fails to acknowledge that the sanctions imposed by the USA, UK, and EU not only worsened what was an already desperate situation caused by drought in Africa but made any remedy ineffectual. The deal brokered by Turkey was intended to ensure that grain products got to Africa. Instead over 85% ended up in Europe. He also failed to mention that sanctions on shipping and shipping insurance made it impossible for other countries to use their ships to take grain from Russia to Africa. He refused to allow impounded Russian ships in EU ports to deliver urgently needed fertilisers to Africa. He acknowledged that EU industries were built on the back of cheap energy from Russia, but failed to mention the long-standing policies of the EU that discouraged Member States from developing their own energy supplies and led to the shutdown of both French and German nuclear power stations. We can therefore safely assume that all of Mr Borrell’s statements on these issues are sheer hypocrisy.

In his final statements, he states the need for European citizens to sublimate their national loyalties and be loyal only to the EU.

Mr Borrell, the man, has twice been mired in corruption, including a conflict of interests as he took a salary of 300,000 Euro a years from a Spanish energy company whilst making EU energy policy recommendations. He was forced to resign in 2012. In 2017 the Spanish Government fined him 30,000 Euro for insider trading. During the COVID-19 pandemic, China sent medical aid and supplies to affected EU countries. Mr Borrell warned that there is ‘a geo-political component including a struggle for influence through spinning and the “politics of generosity”’. He also said that ‘China is aggressively pushing the message that, unlike the US, it is a responsible and reliable partner.’ ‘This war will be won on the battlefield. Additional €500 million from the EPF [European Peace Fund] are underway. Weapon deliveries will be tailored to Ukrainian needs.’
Josep Borrell (9 April 2022).  A truly amazing and inappropriate comment for a so-called diplomat to make. Mr Borrell holds Spanish and Argentinian citizenship.

Reading all of his speech I can only assume that Mr Borrell found his niche in life along with the other anti-democratic and narcissistic leaders of the EU, preening their egos on a daily basis in the sure knowledge they would never have to face an electorate or a parliament with any real power. That in itself is bad enough, but when we begin to hear the fascist like statements of this man and his brethren it becomes clear that Europe will never prosper under their self-aggrandizing rule.


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