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Interview with Radhika Desai,

Published on RT, Nov 8, 2022:

This 30-minute interview was conducted on October 26, 2022. Radhika Desai was an invited guest to the annual conference of the Valdai Discussion Club held in Moscow from October 24 to 27. She previously attended the conference in 2015. Vladimir Putin spoke to the conference on its last day, followed by a lengthy question and answer session. (Read the text of his speech and the text of the q&a session here.) The Valdai Discussion Club is Russia’s equivalent of the Council on Foreign Affairs. Its annual conference brings together thinkers on international affairs from the world over. This year, however, members of the foreign policy and academic establishments from countries around the world were conspicuous by their absence, though Professor Jeffrey Sachs addressed the audience briefly by zoom as did a right-leaning academic in the U.S.


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Original headline and introduction:

Gain of pain? Radhika Desai, Director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group, University of Manitoba

First, they came for the socialists in Cuba, and the world did not speak out because it didn’t feel the pain. Then they came for the mullahs in Iran, and the world did not speak out because the pain was easy to ignore. And then they came for their adversaries in Russia, and the world finally took notice because the pain became all too palpable. Given the global consequences of the West’s sanctions against Russia, has the international community got enough stamina to stand up against the weaponization of an economy for geopolitical interests? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Radhika Desai, Professor at the Department of Political Studies, and Director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group at the University of Manitoba.

The interview was held on the sidelines of the 19th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club.


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