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To: The United Nations
The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Public and human rights organizations of the world
To all people of good will

November 15, 2014

We address this appeal in the name of the suffering and wounded people of Lugansk region of Southeast Ukraine (Luganschina). Recent events show that the governing authorities in Kyiv are neglecting all international agreements and continuing to murder the civilian population of Donbass* and destroy its infrastructure.

The warmongers are not satisfied with taking the lives of women, children and elderly people. They have started to kill even unborn babies. On November 15, the maternity hospital in the town of Pervomaysk was shelled by the Ukrainian army.

Winter is coming, but the Ukrainian army purposefully destroys power stations, boiler stations for domestic heating, and systems of water and natural gas supply for entire cities and towns, thereby dooming an entire population to hunger and cold.

Schools and kindergartens, libraries and cultural centers, railway stations and highways are being deliberately destroyed. That’s how the railway connections to Kiev and to Odessa have been broken.

All this happens against the background of Kiev’s cynical statements of supposed commitment to the Minsk agreements on Sept. 5 providing for a ceasefire. Murdering thousands is not only a genocide against Ukraine’s own people, it is also a crime against humanity.

We do not call for revenge. Instead, we appeal to all people of good will to stop this violence and protect the world from the fascist nationalism unleashed in Ukraine. This must be done today and by the whole world, because tomorrow, the brown plague may come to your home, too.

We completely condemn the violence of the Ukrainian army against the civilians of Southeast Ukraine and we appeal to you – human-right advocates – to speak out to those in power, those who back the bloody regime in Kiev acting under the false slogan of protecting the ‘integrity of Ukraine’.

We appeal to international organizations — the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe – and to others who defend peace. We pose to them the only question that matters: Do the millions of residents of Southeast Ukraine have a right to determine their future? Or do you think that their aspiration for peaceful life should be punished?

The Peoples Council of the Lugansk People’s Republic
The Trade-Union Federation of Lugansk People’s Republic

* Donbass is the historic, industrialized region of southeast Ukraine that includes the oblasts (provinces, or regions) of Luhansk and Donetsk.–translator

Original statement in Russian here. This translation into English by the website The New Cold War: Ukraine and beyond.



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