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Join Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai once every fortnight for Geopolitical Economy Hour, a conversation about world geopolitics that focuses on the emerging multipolarity of the world order, the impact of the US dollar’s role as a world currency on both the United States itself and the world.  The US dollar role as world currency has facilitated the financialization and de-industrialization of the economy of the United States, and of many of its Western satellites.  At the same time, while the productive capacity of the United States has been “hollowed out”, China has risen as the industrial centre of the world.  War in the Ukraine between Russia and NATO has shown how much financialization and de-industrialization has weakened the United States.  Furthermore, as nations of the Global South seek new opportunities with China and Russia de-dollarization of the world financial system is becoming a reality.

There are now eight videos in the series.   Please see  the links below for videos and transcripts of these uniquely interesting and relevant conversations about the geopolitical economy of the contemporary world.

Episode 1:  Economists Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson explain multipolarity and the decline of US hegemony.

Episode 2:  What causes inflation?

Episode 3 – De-dollarization Part 1:  Understanding money and the dollar system’s contradictions.

Episode 4 – De-dollarization Part 2:  The rise of US dollar imperialism and why it failed.

Episode 5:  De-dollarization Part 3: The dollar system’s contradictions after de-linking from gold.

Episode 6:  Did big banks take over the Treasury? Bank Crisis exposes public realities of private banking.

Episode 7:   Russia leaves neoliberal West to join World Majority

Episode 8:  De-dollarization Part 4:  De-dollarization is about more than currencies: As dollar system declines, what comes next?

Episode 9: Shock Therapy in Ukraine, Economic Suicide in Europe

Episode 10:  China  Builds Global Alternative While the US-led financial order decays


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