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Why this petition matters

Started by Suesanne Samara, December 19, 2023

Think of the horror they endure.

Think of these doctors and nurses, refusing to leave their hospitals and patients behind, with airstrikes overhead, to pay with their lives for their loyalty to their patients.

As of December 4th 2023, at least 267 healthcare workers, have been killed in the line of duty. Almost 40 healthcare workers have been abducted, missing or presumed dead.

These heroic healthcare workers do this out the purest and most honourable of all of life’s services – to preserve the sanctity of life.

Please put your signature to this petition to support their nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2024. Put politics, religion and divisions aside. Connect with these humans and show them the worldwide awe and respect that they deserve.

By signing this nomination, they will know that the world believes in them. They will know that they matter. They are seen.

Download this QR code to help others easily find and sign the petition.


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