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New Cold, Jan 6, 2017 (updated)

Inside Fort Lauderdale airport terminal after deadly shooting on Jan 6, 2017 (photo by Mark Lea on CBS News)

News articles, including a related story in Canada, are enclosed.

*   Fort Lauderdale shooting: five dead as suspect identified as Iraq veteran, The Guardian, Jan 6, 2017 .

Fort Lauderdale airport shooting suspect was being treated for mental health issues, Associated Press, Jan 6, 2017

“Only thing I could tell you was when he came out of Iraq, he wasn’t feeling too good,” his uncle, Hernan Rivera,  told The Record newspaper.

Bryan Santiago said his brother never spoke to him directly about his medical issues. “I’m in shock. He was a serious person … He was a normal person.”

*   Fort Lauderdale shooter carried his gun on his flight, interview on CBC Radio One‘s ‘As It Happens’, Jan 6, 2017, with Jeff Price, security expert on U.S. airline travel.  [The carrying of firearms has always been legal on U.S. airlines.]

‘I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more often.’

Florida airport shooting: Suspect Esteban Santiago had confiscated gun returned after FBI visit, ABC News (Australia), Jan 7, 2017

Bryan Santiago said his brother had requested psychological help but barely received any.

Related news:
Canadian Afghan veteran suffering post-combat trauma kills his wife, child and mother, then himself, by Elizabeth McMillan and Sherri Borden Colley, CBC News, Jan 4, 2017

“We did see and do a lot of things over there that no human should ever really have to do.”–Trevor  Bungay, Canadian soldier who served with Lionel Desmond in Afghanistan in 2007.

*  Soldier who fought with Lionel Desmond says Afghanistan tour ‘full of death’, by Alexa MacLean, Global TV News, Jan 5, 2017

Ex-soldier, 33, who killed his family did two tours of duty in Afghanistan beginning in 2007, had difficulty finding treatment, interview with Reverend Elaine Walcott, CBC Radio One ‘As It Happens’, Jan 4, 2016

… ‘He did six months of treatment in a clinic in Montreal and he was reaching out since last Wednesday to the local mental health department at [Saint Martha’s Regional Hospital in Antigonish, Nova Scotia] and they didn’t have any beds available. His wife is an RN in the healthcare system so certainly you know everything was being done to proactively work through the system.’

‘We are at the wailing wall here in Guysborough County.’

Patchwork of care for veterans under scrutiny after apparent murder-suicide, by Murray Brewster, CBC News, Jan 5, 2017

Nova Scotia to conduct formal review after hospital accused of turning away distressed veteran, by Sherri Borden Colley, CBC News, Jan 5, 2017  (Watch related video of sister of Lionel Desmond, Canadian Afghan veteran who killed his family and himself on Jan 3, 2017. She accuses Nova Scotia health care system and veterans’ services of failing her brother.)


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