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From, Sunday March 27, 2016  (see video by RT Ruptly at weblink)

March 27, 2016 commemoration in Brussels of victims of terrorist attack on March 22. Police banned holding of a march

March 27, 2016 commemoration in Brussels of victims of terrorist attack on March 22. Police banned holding of a march

Police in the Belgian capital have been deployed to disperse far-right protesters at memorial for the victims of Brussels attacks, with water cannon having been fired into the crowd.

Law enforcement intervened after tensions erupted between mourners and right-wing protesters during a crowded rally at Brussels’ Place de la Bourse on Sunday.

BBC writes, “Riot police intervened to try to restore order after the group confronted Muslim women in the crowds, made Nazi salutes and chanted.”

A “march against fear” planned for Sunday was called off after the authorities said it would strain police resources for the investigation.

Sputnik News reports from Brussels (with extensive video footage by RT Ruptly):

Brussels police fired water cannons at far-right protesters who took over the square in the centre of the city where a peace rally was held to commemorate the victims of the recent terror attacks in the Belgian capital, media reported.

Fascist hoodlums try to break up anti-racist, peace rally in central Brussels on March 27, 2016 (Wes Herman, Reuters)

Fascist hoodlums try to break up anti-racist, peace rally in central Brussels on March 27, 2016 (Wes Herman, Reuters)

According to public broadcaster RTBF, between 500 and 1,000 people gathered at at Place de la Bourse, a memorial site for the victims of the attacks, when men dressed in black and wearing balaclavas interrupted the rally.

This comes despite the cancellation of the so-called march Against Fear, due to be held in Brussels on Sunday, following a request from Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon. The minister said the manifestation could put strain on local police which were engaged in investigating the recent attacks and ensuring security as the terror threat in the country was raised to its highest level.

On March 22, two suicide bombings took place at the Brussels Airport departure hall in the northeastern municipality of Zaventem and another explosion occurred at the Maelbeek station near EU institutions. At least 31 people were killed in the attacks.

The responsibility for the attacks was claimed by the Daesh terrorist group, outlawed in many countries, including Russia and the United States.

Brussels riot police deploy water cannon against Place de la Bourse ‘fascists’

Adam Withnall, The Independent, March 27, 2016

Belgian riot police have deployed water cannon to the Place de la Bourse in Brussels in a bid to disperse a right-wing march that replaced a peaceful rally on Sunday.

Hundreds of people had assembled informally in the large public square to remember the 31 victims of last Tuesday’s terror attacks when dozens of men, some wearing masks and balaklavas, barged to the centre.

It comes after a planned peace march through the city was cancelled at the request of Brussels police, who said they were too thinly-stretched to provide enough security for a large-scale demonstration.

On Sunday afternoon, the group of black-clad men mounted the steps of the stock exchange building in the square and started chanting slogans against the Isis jihadist group.

Riot squads joined police in the square a short while later and, after they ignored requests to disperse in line with the earlier advice from officials, water cannons were deployed.

Earlier, Belgian police carried out 13 new raids across Brussels as part of a major crackdown in the wake of the terror attacks last week.

The raids took place in various districts and led to nine arrests, with suspects questioned “in the context of terrorism”, a statement read.

Five were later released, the federal prosecutor’s office said, with no further details provided.

Belgian police have also charged a second suspect with involvement in a terrorist group as part of the investigation into a foiled attack on Paris.

The man charged was identified as A Abderrahmane, who was shot and arrested during a raid in the Brussels district of Schaerbeek on Friday. Prosecutors said on Saturday that Abderrahmane would be detained for a further 24 hours, and the Belgian press agency Belga said on Sunday he has now been charged.

Brussels attacks victims

It reported that he was charged in connection with a related raid in France this week, which authorities have previously said foiled an apparent attack.

Meanwhile, the Belgian interior minister admitted that errors were made in the run-up to the Brussels attacks that killed at least 31 people and wounded 270 others on Tuesday.


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