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For the record, Russia is involved in Syria at the invitation of the nation’s (sole) government. Turkey has invaded the nation.

By Rick Rozoff

Published on Anti-Bellum, Sept 28, 2021

For the record, Russia is involved in Syria at the invitation of the nation’s (sole) government. Turkey has invaded the nation.
Russia is not a member of a military bloc. Turkey is the second-most powerful member of NATO which in recent years has bombed and occupied several nations in the general region: Bosnia, Serbia/Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq and Libya.
Thus it’s not at all clear why Russia feels obligated to discuss Syria with Turkey at all.


President Erdoğan to pressure Putin to restore peace in Idlib

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will visit Russia to discuss ongoing regional developments – including the Idlib crisis in Syria, with the hope that Turkey will be able to put pressure on Vladimir Putin….

Erdoğan will bring up the issue of recent attacks on Turkish soldiers at observation posts in Idlib as well as open discussions on more efficient means to carry out joint patrols with the Russian military. ….

The two leaders are expected to discuss bilateral ties between Ankara and Moscow, current regional developments, and international issues, with a particular emphasis on the Caucasus, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.


Turkish, Russian leaders to meet for critical talks on Syria’s Idlib

Statements from Moscow and Ankara highlight that Erdoğan and Putin will primarily discuss the recent escalation in Idlib….

There are reports of intensified aerial operations by the Russian and Syrian air forces against the targets in Idlib and recently in Syria’s Afrin province….

Turkey and Russia had agreed on a truce in March 2020 and launched a joint patrolling mission along the M4 highway linking Aleppo to Latakia. Despite the truce, assaults against the Turkish troops continued, and three soldiers were killed in a recent incident in mid-September.

Turkey has been urging Russia for the full implementation of the March deal.


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