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A PDF version of the Dutch Safety Board report on the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, 2014 and the press release announcing the report is here. The report is 279 pages. You can read a 20-page summary. A 20-minute video summarizing the DSB report is broadcast on YouTube by the DSB.

Press conference of release of Dutch Safety Board report on MH17 crash, Oct 13, 2015 (Michael Kooren, Reuters)

Press conference of release of Dutch Safety Board report on MH17 crash, Oct 13, 2015 (Michael Kooren, Reuters)

From the report: “The Board is aware that [the investigation] does not answer one important question–the question of who is to blame for the crash. It is the task of the criminal investigation to provide that answer.”

And view:  BUK producer detonates missiles next to pilot’s cockpit in full-scale MH17 experiment (VIDEO).

Reconstructed Malyasian Airlines Flight 17 (Dutch Safety Board)

Reconstructed Malyasian Airlines Flight 17 (Dutch Safety Board)


  • 15:38 GMT:  Dutch Safety Board releases video simulating destruction of Flight MH17.
  • 14:45 GMT  British Prime Minister David Cameron says the report released by the Dutch Safety Board advances the search for the truth regarding how MH17 was downed. “We have always been clear that justice must be done for all of the victims of MH17 and today’s report brings us one step closer to establishing the truth. We, alongside our partners, will continue to send a clear message; those responsible for downing this plane will be held to account,” the PM said in a statement.
  • 14:43 GMT  The Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong says that members of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) are considering setting up an independent international court to try and effectively prosecute those responsible for the downing of flight MH17.“As part of the JIT, Malaysia remains single-minded in our pursuit of decisive action that will lead to prosecution of the trigger-happy criminals,” he said.Aside from Malaysia, the JIT also includes Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine and Australia.
  • 13:16 GMT  The Dutch report on the MH17 tragedy doesn’t have substantial evidence to claim the plane was downed from the area controlled by eastern Ukrainian militia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said. “It’s a source of regret that, despite all Russia’s repeated and lengthy attempts to organise the investigation in such a way that it is comprehensive and unbiased, and for it to consider all the information we have … there is an obvious attempt to draw a biased conclusion, and carry out political orders,” Ryabkov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.
  • 13:10 GMT  Ukraine’s deputy PM rejects all accusations on untimely airspace closure as ‘unsubstantiated’.

  • 12:48 GMT  Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has asked Russia to provide “complete cooperation” with the criminal investigation into the MH17 crash.

  • 12:29 GMT  The Dutch Safety Board will study the results of two experiments presented by BUK manufacturer Almaz-Antey.

  • 12:19 GMT  At a meeting with victims’ families earlier Tuesday, Joustra said passengers who weren’t killed by the impact of the missile would have been rendered unconscious by the sudden decompression of the aircraft and lack of oxygen at 33,000 feet.

  • 12:18 GMT  The DSB limits the missile launch location to the area of 320 sq km in eastern Ukraine, the report says.

  • 12:04 GMT  “
The crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 was caused by the detonation of a 9N314M-type warhead launched from the eastern part of Ukraine using a Buk missile system”, this and other details can be found in the press release which followed the DSB presentation.

  • 12:02 GMT  Tweet by RT’s Lisa Millar: ‘Media about to be allowed to walk up stairs and into reconstruction.’
  • 11:49 GMT  The Russian government challenged the finding that a Buk missile shot down the plane, Joustra said. The Dutch Safety Board extensively studied Moscow’s comments, he assured. An additional probe is needed to establish the location of the missile launch, Joustra said, concluding the presentation. No questions were taken.
  • 11:46 GMT  Three crew members were killed in the cockpit when the Buk missile hit, Joustra said ruling out a bomb on the plane, air-to-air strikes, or meteor strike.
  • 11:36 GMT  Tweet by RT’s Lisa Millar: ‘Last bit of wreckage retrieved just 2 weeks ago from Ukraine. There could be more out there but doesn’t change reports findings
  • 11:35 GMT  The plane fell apart in the air and the fragments scattered on the Ukrainian territory, in a 15km radius, according to Joustra. After the explosion, the head part of the plane separated from the body.

Timelines continues…

  • 09:54 GMT  Almaz-Antey representatives are sure their theory as to how the crash happened is correct, and it could be verified by finding fragments of the decommissioned 9M38 missile in the bodies and baggage of the crash victims.

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Video of July 19, 2015 press conference of Alexander Borodai (with English subtitles), then-prime minister of Donetsk People’s Republic, explaining the initial response of the DPR and its self-defense forces to the crash of MH17 two days earlier.



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