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Published on Ukes, Kooks & Spooks, June 17, 2019:

In the years following World War II, Ukrainian nationalists, members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — the OUN-M — arrived and settled in the USA with the active help and support of senior figures of the US government at the time. Since then their cultural and political roots have thrived in the US, where they have continued to promote and develop their fascistic ideology and voice their aggressive anti-communist rhetoric.

This is the U.S. experience and it is replicated in Canada, only the players are different. The influence is pervasive because of their connections to the Canadian and U.S. states and the ideology of the Cold War.

This thoroughly researched essay, originally published in June 2019, remains very relevant today, contains much original information.


“Heroes’ Monument,” Ellenville

Teenagers with toy guns dressed as UPA soldiers at the 2017 “Heroes’ Holiday” in Ellenville


Large commemorative bonfire at another SUMA camp in upstate New York

Busts of Roman Shukhevych (left) and Stepan Bandera (right) in Ellenville, New York

“Captive Nations Week,” 1983

2016 “Heroes’ Holiday” in Ellenville

Volodymyr Viatrovych (left) and Oles Striltschuk (right) at the 2015 “Heroes’ Holiday” in Ellenville.

Victor Rog (left) and Theodor Oleschuk (right) at the 2017 “Heroes’ Holiday” in Ellenville


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