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New Cold, Dec 15, 2015

Enclosed are two reports from the Krymedia news agency, translated by New Cold

Krymedia agency, Dec 10, 2015

SIMFEROPOL–The situation with electricity supply for the residents of the Republic of Crimea is currently stabilized. This was announced by Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian government.

“The most difficult period since the November 22 cutting of all four power lines leading from the Ukrainian power grid to Crimea has passed. The situation is under control – in cooperation with the authorities of the Crimea, Sevastopol and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ” the minister reported.

According to the minister, “We now we have a total installed capacity of about 900 megawatts in Crimea, which provides connection to all consumers during the afternoon. During the morning and evening peaks, we lack 200 MW of electricity, about 20 per cent of peak demand.” He added that during peak periods, electricity supply is carried out in accordance with rolling blackout  schedules.

The minister said that an additional 200 MW of power will be received as of December 15, when the second circuit of the first stage of an energy bridge from Russia is launched. This will bring energy supply to about 96 per cent of the total demand.

Two additional energy bridge circuits from UES of Russia with a total capacity of 400 MW will be introduced in May 2016. After that, Crimea’s power supply without dependence on Ukrainian flows will amount to 1,300 MW, which will fully meet the energy needs of Crimea.

“Of course, we need reserves, for example in situations related to decommissioning, repairs and adding reserves. Therefore, construction of additional generating capacity will see additional capacity of 940 MW added–470 MW in September 2017 and another 470 MW in March 2018.”

The minister also reported that the fuel supply in Crimean remains stable, with reserves exceeding 20 days, half the desired reserve.
Resumed power flow from Ukraine in Crimea

Krymedia agency, Dec 8, 2015

SIMFEROPOL–Electricity supply has resumed on one of the transmission lines from Ukraine to Crimea, the Kakhovskaya-Titan line, reports the press service of the Ministry of the Russian Federation.

According to the press service, “Four transmission lines of the integrated power system (IPS) of Ukraine supplied Crimea with a total capacity of about 850 megawatts. That supply was completely cut on November 22. Three lines were 330 kV, one was 220 kV. The restored line is 220 kV, with a maximum flow of about 160 MW. ”

Power flow from the new South IES Integrated Energy System of Russia, under the Kerch Strait, is 200-260 MW. [A second stage will open on December 15, supplying an additional 200 MW.]



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