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Professor Niigaan Sinclair of the University of Manitoba discusses the impact and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for indigenous peoples. His presentation was part of a larger webinar hosted by the Winnipeg Venezuela Peace Committee on May 1, 2020.

Click here for: May Day Webinar: Confronting the Covid-19 Pandemic – full programme

Published on Paul Graham’s YouTube account, May 3, 2020

May Day 2020 comes as capitalism is rocked by its most severe crisis since the Great Depression, possibly ever. Not just financial markets and banks are collapsing, but entire economies. Meanwhile the social contract forged in the advanced capitalist countries is now strained beyond capacity by decades of cuts in health care and social services.

The crisis has placed new demands on us, but opens new prospects. The Medical Internationalism of countries like China, Venezuela and Cuba, putting solidarity and care of people above all else, and their success against odds and in the teeth of grotesque Western attempts pursue regime change goals by doubling down on sanctions, is indelibly marked on the experience of this period. In contrast, neo-liberal strategies in pursuit of maximum profit are exposed daily as anti-people, regressive and life threatening in the face of the pandemic.



Below are the slides Professor Niigaan used in his presentation. Click on the images to enlarge:

Radhika Desai, Director Geopolitical Economy Research Group

Maria Victor, President of the Board of Directors of the Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean Policy Centre

Dimitry Lascaris, lawyer, activist, journalist and candidate for leadership of the Green Party of Canada

Niigaan Sinclair, Professor of Native Studies, University of Manitoba; columnist at the Winnipeg Free Press and commentator for APTN, CBC, CTV

Ajit Singh, lawyer, independent journalist and contributor to The Grayzone

Host: Alan Freeman, research affiliate of the University of Manitoba’s Geopolitical Economy Research Group

Moderator: Glenn Michalchuk, Chair of Peace Alliance Winnipeg, labour and social justice activist/Winnipeg May Day organizer


Headline photo: A medical staff member waits to assess people for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the public Victoria Health Unit in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada March 17, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Light – RC2VLF9L5765


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