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By Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine, Dec. 12, 2014

In the evening of December 10, a group of about 20 balaclava-clad neo-nazi thugs armed with iron rods, hammers and police truncheons attacked the offices of the Shevchenko Disctrict Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine in Kyiv. As a result, one party member was injured and had to receive hospital treatment and the premises were ransacked.

The attack took place in the same day as the Communist Youth and Veterans organisations had held a protest picket against the Kyiv City Administration against the abolition of social benefits for veterans, students and other socially vulnerable people. Over 150 people participated in the protest (report in Russian here).

The offices of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Kyiv were already ransacked by far right thugs in April (seven-minute video here). Since the victory of the Euromaidan movement in February, there has been a continued campaign of attacks by neo-nazi gangs acting with impunity against Communist Party offices, demonstrations and activists throughout the country.

The state has also moved to ban the KPU with a legal case initiated by the Ministry of Justice still pending at the Kyiv District Court. The coalition agreement of the newly formed government includes a point about “the condemnation of the totalitarian communist regime. Banning of the communist, Nazi, fascist and anti-Ukrainian propaganda in all the forms. The completion of the de-communistisation in all spheres of public life.”

Here’s a translation of the Communist Youth statement about the attack:

On December 10, 2014 at 18:00 at the Shevchenko district committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine in Kiev there was an bold attack. About twenty youths in Balaclava with iron rods, bats, hammers and police truncheons rushed into the district committee, injuring a person, to the extent that he had to be hospitalized – from strikes to hands his skin got hacked in several places, the doctors had to stitch together his hand. The equipment of the Communist party – computers, office equipment, furniture – was viciously destructed.

That same day, communists and Komsomol Kiev together with veterans’ organizations of the city had picketed City Administration against the abolition of benefits for veterans, students and other socially disadvantaged sections of the population. That same day, “lord” Klitschko and his gang were forced to hear the truth about themselves and their dark deeds from the mouth of the working people. It was a few hours after the picket that the attack took place, and we in Ukraine for a long time do not believe in coincidences!

Ukraine has firmly established a fascist, gangster, clan-oligarchic regime, which does not believe it is enough with the civil war in the country and has openly declared war on working people and the Communist Party, to represent its interests in Ukraine. After attempts to outlaw the KPU and pushing the Communists out of Parliament, the Ukraine’s officials started physicial extermination of the Communists, young Communist League members and other sober-minded people in the country.

Ukraine, wake up!

The neo-Nazi thugs published a video showing the latest attack and bosting about it. You can view it here.


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