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Statement from Borotba political association, Dec. 27, 2014

Maria Muratova

Maria Muratova

Ukrainian opposition politicians and leftist political activists Maxim Firsov, Victor Shapinov and Maria Muratova are missing in Donetsk. At around 15.00 on December 21, the Borotbists were kidnapped by unknown persons. The kidnappers introduced themselves as members of Battalion “Vostok.”

According to the information available to us, the comrades are being held together with captured Ukrainian soldiers in the commandant’s office on Elevatornaya Street in Donetsk city. Communists Shapinov, Firsov and Muratova have fought all their lives against the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and oligarchs, and were persecuted in Kiev and Odessa for their stance against the Ukrainian authorities.

Maxim Firsov and Victor Shapinov

Maxim Firsov and Victor Shapinov

Today Battalion “Vostok” accepted a plan, issuing from the Ukrainian side, to exchange a Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group for imprisoned members of the people’s militia.

If our comrades fall into the hands of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), they face repression in the dungeons of the Kiev junta. There is a threat of death from Ukrainian fascist-militants.

We appeal to Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister, Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko, Denis Pushilin, Battalion “Vostok” Commander Alexander Sergeyevich Khodakovsky, Boris A. Litvinov, and Dr. Andrei Purgin to intervene in the situation and take measures to release the anti-fascists Victor Shapinov, Maxim Firsov and Maria Muratova.

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Odessa Regional Council Deputy and Borotba Coordinator Alexei Albu detained in Donetsk, Dec. 27, 2014. While delivering documents on Dec. 27 appealing for the release of three Borotba members detained on Dec. 21, Alexei Albu was detained and his whereabouts are unknown.


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