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New Cold, Jan 12, 2016

Book Ethnicity and TerritoryA book published in 2001 has been added to the page of recommended books on the New Cold website. It is titled Ethnicity and Territory in the Former Soviet Union.

The book is an excellent compilation of essays analyzing political, economic and social developments in former republics of the Soviet Union following that country’s dissolution in 1992. The new countries or republics that are analyzed in the book include Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia, Moldova, Ossetia and the large countries states in central Asia. Among the essays is ‘The ‘New’ Ukraine: A State of Regions’, by Gwendolyn Sasse.

Ethnicity and Territory in the Former Soviet Union was edited by James Hughes and Gwendolyn Sasse and published by Routledge (ISBN paper 9780714682105, 276 pp) and by Frank Cass Publishers (London, Portland) in 2002 (ISBN paper 0714682101, 256 pp). The paperback edition sells online for $45 (used) or $55 (new).

From the Routledge edition book cover:

The collapse of the Soviet empire in 1991 removed a decades-long system of successful control of potential ethnic and regional conflict . The result was the eruption of numerous conflicts over state-building, some of which degenerated into violence and some of which were resolved or prevented by strategies of accommodation. This volume explores the common trends and differences in the responses of the new post-Soviet states to the problems of state-building in ethnically and regionally divided societies, focusing on the impact of ethnic and regional conflicts on post-communist transition and institutional development. The book will be essential reading for specialists and students alike who are interested in conflict regulation and post-Soviet politics.


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