In Brazil, Death of democracy

Eduardo Bolsonaro and Steve Bannon

Effectively acting as a U.S. informant, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro delivered dossier listing the names and details of 1000 Brazilian anti-fascists to the United States, according to ally.

Published on Brasil Wire, Aug 11, 2020

The close relationship between the Bolsonaro government, the U.S. government, and its agencies, is already well known.

Brazil’s foreign policy is now fully aligned with that of the United States, with Secretary of State Pompeo signing an accord with Brazilian counterpart Ernesto Araujo for the exploitation of the Amazon in 2019. Araújo called the agreement “…the Holy Grail of Brazil’s foreign policy, at least for the private sector”. Militarily, Brazil is now effectively a U.S. Southern Command client state.

The FBI, whose collaboration on operation Lava Jato elected Bolsonaro through the jailing of opponent Lula da Silva, has been able to massively expand its extraterritorial reach into Brazil since he came to power, on the watch of former justice minister Sergio Moro. Bolsonaro became the first Brazilian President to visit CIA headquarters in March 2019 and the latest scandal confirms that his son Eduardo Bolsonaro is effectively acting as U.S. informant. In addition Eduardo has been the Bolsonaro group’s main conduit to ex Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s far-right international, ‘The Movement’. Felipe Martins, advisor to Bolsonaro and member of the so called “hate office”, worked at the U.S. Embassy from 2014-2016, during the “soft” coup to remove President Dilma Rousseff.

Meanwhile current US Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, is embroiled in his own scandal, having been caught trying to manipulate the Brazilian political process to force through a cut in ethanol tariffs for the benefit of Donald Trump’s re-election bid – which has been interpreted as a returned favour for Trump’s support.

Eduardo Bolsonaro with US Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman

But the idea of the Bolsonaros directly delivering intelligence on left opposition militants to the U.S. cuts to the heart of this relationship and evokes memories of CIA collaboration on Operation Condor in the 1970s. Before, during and after Bolsonaro’s election, he called for the imprisonment, forced exile, and even murder of leftists.

According to UOL, State Representative Douglas Garcia, one of the Bolsonaro family’s main allies in São Paulo, told a court that Eduardo Bolsonaro delivered a copy of his dossier containing names and details on anti-fascist militants to the United States Embassy in Brasilia. One woman whose name and private details were included has already been awarded damages. In his own social media posts, Garcia had called those named on the list “terrorists”.

Garcia’s informal document is separate from a Ministry of Justice report which listed 579 civil servants and teachers who support anti-fascist resistance, and is not the result of an official investigation. The deputy had merely requested his social media followers report to him with details of anti-fascists which he then compiled into the dossier.

The 56-page document contains the names and personal data, including photographs, of almost a thousand people.

In theory the United States can prevent the entry of the persons mentioned in the dossier, by denying or even revoking visas.

The US Embassy press office responded that “there is no record of receiving a document listing the names of alleged anti-fascists.”


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