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A message by Alexei Albu, translated by Greg Butterfield (Red Star Over Donbass), Feb. 19, 2015

Antiwar poster in Odessa, Ukraine, Feb. 2015

Antiwar poster in Odessa, Ukraine, Feb. 2015

Supporters of the Committee for the Liberation of Odessa and its left wing, Union Borotba (Struggle), have pasted up leaflets calling on residents not to fight for the interests of others and to protect their lives for the liberation of their native city. Here is the leaflet text in full:

Odessa! Do not go to war!
Stop being proxies for foreign interests!
Enough of dying for someone else’s profit!
Why don’t the children of oligarchs and officials fight?
Your life is needed for the liberation of Odessa! Protect it!
The resistance continues! We do not forgive!


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